Bite AI


The Bite AI API is a RESTful JSON API. It provides access to the following products:

Food Knowledge Graph - A database of food information that includes items organized in a hierarchy, with nutrition facts, ingredients, translations, categorizations and other metadata. It can be accessed using full text search, an autocomplete endpoint or using foreign identifiers such as barcodes or USDA ids.

Food Recognition - Image recognition endpoint that detects food items in images. Predictions from this API include references to food items from our knowledge graph.

Food Logging SDK - A fully featured food logging solution that builds on top of the image recognition and knowledge graph to help automate meal tracking. It allows you to manage users of your application, stores their meal history and provides an improved recognition system that is personalized to each user.

The API URL is

Please note, that the forward slash is required. If it is not included a redirect will happen and depending on the client POST bodies may be dropped.

The API reference is located at

A Swagger UI is located at

API Client Libraries